Small Acorns

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I figured I had a seventy-thirty chance. Seventy for no, thirty for yes. The six-month, £10,000 Charles Pick Fellowship awarded by the University of East Anglia sounded lucrative. Truth be told, all I was thinking about was survival. Why? I was flat broke.

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Libraries: Love Or Lose Them

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My parents who were avid readers and hoarders shaped me into a bookish child. I devoured everything from Dennis Wheatley to Emily Bronte, and my love affair with Puffin books culminated with a Club badge.

I’ll never forget my first childhood visit to our local library in Dorset where I encountered Orlando the Marmalade Cat. I had discovered a place where I could find more books than I could ever read. It was a revelation. Fast forward a few years to East ...

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Books & Writing: Summer News

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Summer is the perfect time for relaxing outdoors with a good book and an ice-cold beverage. We've given it some thought and concluded that there are, in fact, pros and cons to this...



Good for you. A brain massage that's pleasurable and makes you...

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Publishing Headlines, July 2013

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As a dynamic, independent publishing house we like to keep up with what’s hot and what’s not in the industry. In fact there’s never a dull moment! JK Rowling was recently published under the penname Robert Galbraith. Book sales under this moniker were lacklustre but went on a blue-sky bender when Rowling was unveiled as the author.


Random House / Penguin Merger

Interesting times and the winds of chang...

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